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The Cast


Lisa’s first professional venture was a play Time Out For Ginger with Art Carney. After that she worked at the esteemed Theatre Company of Boston in such plays as Dirty Hands (with Robert Duval) and The Cocktail Party (with Dustin Hoffman). The Maids, Marat Sade (she played Charlotte Corday). Phaedre, Who’s Afarid of Virginia Woolf, The Great Fugue, and Measure For Measure among others. At Hartford Stage she played Irina in Three Sisters, and at the Gutherie she played Doll Common in The Alchemist and in Ardele. Off Broad Way she was in Nobody Hears A Broken Drum and To Be Young Gifted And Black. Her day time serials include Dark Shadows (Sabrina Stuart) and One Life To Live (Susan Barry). Her movies Rolling Thunder, Eating, House Of Dark Shadows, The Money, The Return, Mr. Mom, Last Of The Romantics.  Her TV movies include The James Dean Story (Ethel Dean), Atlanta Child Murders, Who Will Love My Children, When The Bough Breaks. She also appears in episodic television shows such as Moonlighting, Hart Of Dixie, Hellenger’s Law, Right To Kill, Quincey, Fantasy Island. At the Greenway Court Theater in Los Angeles she starred in Glass Menagerie, Bad Hurt On Cedar Street, All Good Soldiers In The West Wind. Also in Los Angeles, she starred in Night Mother, and A House Not Meant To Stand. At the famed Alley Theatre in Houston she played Linda in Death Of A Salesman and Alice in Lemonade. She is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio and teaches acting there. She is married to actor Steve Mendillo. She has two children Gaby Ebert and Alex Ebert (lead singer in Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros).


Cindy Corrine Dolenc (born 1976 in Toronto, Ontario) is a Canadian actress. She is best known for appearing in the television series La Femme Nikita as Kate Quinn. Her first paid acting role she received while studying in London, England, where she was cast by Stanley Kubrick in Eyes Wide Shut.[3] She also appeared in the films Girl X, Love, Lust & Joy, the television series Tracker, and TV film June. In 2005 she took a part in a two-act drama North Beach with the TrapDoor Ensemble, performing in Santa Monica.[4][5] She lives in California.


Maria is a Greek-American actress, who excels at portraying tough and gritty characters with a very real and vulnerable side. She was born in Athens, Greece and has spent parts of her childhood both in Athens and the East Coast of the United States. Her artistic journey began with music, rendering and photography. Her “nomadic” upbringing between two different cultures has given her a strong relatability and a  fascination for exploring the complexities of human behavior.

LAUR ALLEN (as Leah)

Laur is a multi-ethnic LA native. As an actress, Laur made her network TV debut as the recurring character Juliet Helton on CBS's “The Young and the Restless.” Her upcoming projects include the action-thriller, "Aimee,” the action-comedy, “Gimme My Money,” and of course this film, “Ghost Light.” Prior to acting, Laur worked behind the camera, first as a production assistant, then in production and development, and finally in the television marketing department at a major studio. Her journey to acting finally began after she was crowned Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, becoming the first mixed-ethnicity queen in the pageant’s history. Laur is a proud representative of her community and continues to serve as an ambassador for the Southern Californian Chinese community to this day. In addition to her acting and community work, Laur is also an avid learner. While working on “The Young and The Restless,” Laur attended USC Gould School of Law. She graduated with a JD in 2020 and was admitted as a member of the CA State Bar in 2021. With a strong passion for story-telling and advocacy, Laur aspires to create an empowering platform, incorporating both acting and law, through which she can make a positive humanitarian impact.

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