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Alley of Valiants

The title’s translation is based on the listing on IMDB

کوچه مردها


Influence of Gheisar

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

One might easily detect the influence of Gheisar on Alley of Valiants (which was released only a year later). Below are some prominent examples:

  • Like the two brothers in Gheisar (Farman and Gheisar), Ali, the protagonist, has “repented,” leaving behind his old lifestyle as a thug, opting instead for the straight and the narrow.

  • The song sung by Hasan’s girlfriend early in the film bears similarity to the famous song by Soosan (lip-synced by Shahrzad) in Gheisar. In both cases, the singer makes references to the musicians accompanying her on the stage. The song is probably composed by Monfaredzadeh (Gheisar’s composer), who is listed as one of the two composers in this film.

  • In both films, the leading protagonist is engaged to a character played by Poori Banai, but (again in both cases) he has to call off his engagement for the sake of a greater good.

  • Early in the film, an elderly man, Morshed, dissuades Ali from engaging in a major fight after pledging to “wash the dirt on my hand with blood.” This is strikingly similar to the famous scene at the beginning of Gheisar, in which the uncle, Khan Dayi, talks Farman into dropping his knife.



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