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The Spell

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Why the Second Woman?

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

The film provides no explanation as to why the servant imprisoned the second bride. Was it just to torment her and her husband? The reasons for imprisoning the first bride, the Madam, are very clear. The servant has a vendetta against the groom’s family for having castrated him as a child. He also seeks to use the Madam as part of a scheme to get the Prince to bequeath him the mansion. Neither motive applies to the case of the second bride. Also, having proven his loyalty to his abandoned master in the course of the previous five years, the Prince is now finally ready to transfer the mansion’s ownership. Why throw a huge monkey wrench into the scheme when things are going according to the plan?

The film does leave open the possibility that the second woman winds up in the basement by accidentally activating the revolving door at the Mirror Room, leading to the corridor. But if the door could be activated by virtue of standing at a particular spot in the Mirror Room, the Prince, who frequents the room on a daily basis, would have found out about the secret corridor hundred times over in the course of the previous five years since his wife disappeared.

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