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(Ep. The Movie)

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Saving Seats

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

Elaine’s previous experience with saving seats has left a bitter taste in her mouth. While waiting in line at a movie theater, she talks Kramer out of going across the street to buy a hot dog. This is a bit odd, because she was not going to be saving that seat alone. Elaine was to be accompanied by George, as well as Jerry, who, as she reminds Kramer, “is going to be here any minute.” There were going to be three people saving only one seat, hardly a daunting task, regardless of her previous experiences.

More perplexingly, Elaine later easily caves in to George at the second theater when he asks her to go inside and save not one but three additional seats, and do so all by herself. This cannot be attributed to the nature of her relationship with George. Not one to be easily manipulated, Elaine stood her ground in an earlier exchange with George, refusing his payment arrangement.

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