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(Ep. The Movie)

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A Half Film

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

Arriving late to his performance at 11 PM, Jerry realizes to his dismay that his spot went to a fellow comedian, Buckles, who is already done with his show when Jerry arrives. Allowing as little as fifteen minutes for Buckle’s set puts Jerry’s arrival at no earlier than 11:15 PM.

It is at this point (11:15 or later) that Buckles suggests the two watch Rochelle, Rochelle. The movie theater in question was not nearby (it was “around the corner” from the first movie theater, which was near the second club, which was “across town” from the club in question). The movie’s showtime is 10:45 PM (with the actual movie starting around 11:00)[1]. This means that, by the time the two make their way “across town,” they will have missed a huge chunk of the beginning of the film.

Buckles seems to realize the two will miss the early part of the film when he says, “We can still catch most of Rochelle, Rochelle.” But did he actually mean missing as much as thirty to forty-five minutes of the film? It is one thing to miss the beginning few minutes, but missing almost the entire first half of the film is simply ludicrous. It is highly implausible for Jerry (or any mildly rational character--real or fictional) to go along with this idea, unless, for instance, the film has a personal significance and this happened to be the very last showing of the film on big screen.

There is a vague hint by Elaine early in the episode about how men would sit through the most nonsensical movie as long as there’s a possibility of an actress taking her top off, but this point could hardly be remembered at the end of this super convoluted plot with so many moving parts.


[1] When George enters the screening room showing Rochelle, Rochelle, the movie had already started and the coming attractions were wrapping up at the other screening room showing Checkmate at the same multiplex. The showtime for Checkmate was 10:45 PM. If we allow about fifteen minutes for the coming attraction, the actual movie should have started at around 11:00. Given that Rochelle, Rochelle had already started when George entered the screening room, the movie’s start time should have been the same as Checkmate’s (or before), i.e. around 11 PM at the latest.

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