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Furious Men

The title’s translation is based on the listing on IMDB

مردان خشن


Attempted Rape

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

It is just mind-blowing how Nasir (played by Fardin) was adored by the audiences of the time despite nearly raping an innocent woman, Fetneh, in the final sequence. He kidnaps Fetneh, taking her out of town with the specific intent to “stain her honor” in order to spite her father (not out of some sick pleasure if that makes it any better?!). Granted, he never carries out the act and - for what it’s worth – he does express regret upon finding out the young woman’s father had died (he turns to God asking for forgiveness, but he does not apologize to the woman.)


Even more telling about the culture of the time, the audience’s scruples were apparently not exercised when Fetneh – who minutes earlier was begging Nasir not to rape her – remains as enamored with him as she was before the incident, joining him in the car as he embarks on a journey. The two supposedly live happily ever after.

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