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Double Indemnity

Doube Indemnity 2.jpg

The Ending

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

Once certain that he is not under investigation/surveillance by the insurance company, Walter sets out to kill Phyllis at her residence. But if being under investigation figures at all into Walter’s decision-making, visiting a person whom the insurance company regards as a prime suspect in a murder case would be the last thing he would do, especially because he goes there with the specific intent to kill her. It makes little sense for Walter, a seasoned insurance agent, to go to Phyllis’s house, knowing she was under investigation and that her residence was likely under surveillance.

It is also worth pointing out that Walter should not have been certain that he himself was not under investigation. All he really knew was that Barton Keys, the insurance investigator, had advised the company against investigating him.

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