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The Married Man

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Mystery of Attraction

By Amir Faress • 12/25/19

The Married Man is set against the backdrop of measures by the Pahlavi regime in its waning days to root out polygamous marriages. Though the context is mentioned only fleetingly, by ridiculing this religiously sanctioned institution (a recurring theme in Nosrat Karimi’s work) the movie essentially advocates Shah’s progressive agenda.

But The Married Man is interesting for yet another reason. Though the film was not meant to be particularly insightful, it’s actually an interesting treatment of the mystery of attraction.


The four wives of a polygamous man find out about one another, and they all decide to move in with him. Once they all start living together, the man whose insatiable appetite could not be quenched by four wives experiences a sudden loss of mojo. This is initially attributed to his using the wrong aphrodisiacal medication, but it soon becomes clear that there’s more to it. He lost his drive because the old mystery and secrecy were gone.


There’s only one thing to do: marry yet another someone else--and keep it a secret!

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